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Join clinical psychologist, Dr. Josh Klapow, and 40 year rock radio Legend Tony Kurre for The Kurre and Klapow Show. You never know what they will be talking about but chances are you won’t be able to stop listening. Kurre and Klapow - one’s a psychologist, the other needs one.

Aug 30, 2019

Tony Kurre talks to Coach Mike Leach of the Washington State Cougars, and let the fireworks begin.  He gives us the REAL story about why he was fired from Texas Tech, then he called Craig James' son a spoiled WHAT?! This is one NOT to be missed.

Aug 28, 2019

Tony Kurre and Dr. Josh Klapow go over some reasons why folks from abroad say they love Americans (some are affectionate, others...not so much!).  On a completely separate topic, what are the struggles that come along with dating one of the most famous athletes in the world?

Aug 23, 2019

Tony Kurre was joined live by Coach Mike Leach from Washington State University. Perfect timing, right? Football season is right around the corner!  Well, Coach Leach never disappoints: not only do we get football talk, but Coach offers his opinions on #cats, #France, and #snakes. Hot takes all around!

Aug 13, 2019

Dr. Misty Smith joins Tony Kurre on Kurre & Klapow to discuss relationships.  In this segment, she takes a look at the time-frame in which she sees relationships start to hit troubles that require mediation. If your marriage is in double-digit numbers, you might want to listen!

Aug 13, 2019

While away taking his daughter to college in Charleston, Dr. Josh Klapow calls into the Kurre & Klapow show to announce a special new partnership with WBRC: K&K on your TV (and more)!  Listen to find out how you can SEE Kurre & Klapow, starting next week.