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Join clinical psychologist, Dr. Josh Klapow, and 40 year rock radio Legend Tony Kurre for The Kurre and Klapow Show. You never know what they will be talking about but chances are you won’t be able to stop listening. Kurre and Klapow - one’s a psychologist, the other needs one.

Sep 27, 2019

Coach Mike Leach joins K&K to discuss what happens when a team drops a game after holding a big lead. Is it the end of the world, or is there a better approach to tackle that subject with? Also, more crazy quips from the legendary Coach Leach.

Sep 26, 2019

Sports analyst Rachel Baribeau joins Kurre & Klapow to not only talk college football this week, but also the intricacies of gender roles.

Sep 25, 2019

Outside of everything-college-football, what ELSE is Alabama color analyst John Parker Wilson passionate about? Also, JP’s been a leader: is Cam Newton acting like one? Also: what IS the proper locker room etiquette for being naked?

Sep 24, 2019

Tony Kurre and Dr. Josh Klapow get into the nitty-gritty of relationships: from where they begin (Tinder, perhaps?), to makin' babies, and finally the idea of sharing a COFFIN with your spouse (while you're still alive - so just for a couple of days).  Love is a freaky thing.

Sep 20, 2019

Coach Mike Leach of the Washington State Cougars joins Kurre & Klapow to discuss his feelings about being followed around by an HBO camera crew for an upcoming television series. Also, he asks the question: has Cam Newton gone full Caitlyn Jenner?